Stop smoking using hypnotherapy.

Congratulations to you! You are reading this helpful and informative article because you have decided to stop smoking and again, bravo, because for some of you it will be daunting make no mistake. Firstly though, a little story of how I helped stopped my Mum smoking, or at least this is what she claimed. In the 80s she used to smoke maybe 20-30 a day and when she was on the phone, non-stop. One day, during one of her marathon gossiping sessions with her sister on the line, I noticed that she had a cigarette lit and perched on the mantelpiece- with the door to the hall opened I then noticed that she had lit up another one. In my teenage innocence ( or embarrassment) I called out to her, “Mum, do you know that you have already one on the go?” To this day, she claims this incident served as a wakeup call in that she realised she needed to / was going to stop- result , cold turkey , no use of patches , no more cigs, no e-cigarettes.

The Great News.
Before we go into details of how hypnotherapy can help, it is very important to realise that the treatment has every chance of success if you are 100% motivated and committed to stopping and returning to being a non-smoker. You were not born a smoker and there are lots of times in the day that you do not / cannot smoke. Think of your hypnotherapist as a friendly and informative passenger in the that imaginary car driving towards success -but you are the main driver that wants, needs and can benefit from the change! When you sign up for a stop smoking programme like mine, we will work together to remove the confusion between your conscious mind and subconscious mind about what’s important to you – your health or that cigarette. You see, whenever we do something repeatedly, our subconscious mind believes it (that cigarette) to be very important to us. Yet our conscious mind knows what we need to do for good health (quit smoking).

What is hypnotherapy and what can I expect?
Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to try to treat conditions or change habits. It is a state of relaxation in which the hypnotherapist will make beneficial suggestions to your unconscious mind. There are different types of hypnotherapy, and different ways of hypnotising someone. First, you’ll usually have a chat with your therapist to discuss what you hope to achieve and agree what methods your therapist will use. I will take a full and confidential case history (via a consultation form sent to you before the session) and based on these answers, design a therapy session. After this, I will: lead you into a deeply relaxed state and use agreed methods to help you towards your goals – for example, stopping smoking. You’re fully in control when under hypnosis and don’t have to take on the therapist’s suggestions if you don’t want to. If necessary, you can bring yourself out of the hypnotic state. Hypnosis doesn’t work if you don’t want to be hypnotised.
What are the benefits of stopping?
This can vary from person to person and may seem pretty obvious but some of them are:

a/ To have more money in your pocket

b/ to smell fresher

c/ To feel fitter and

d/ to be free of the risk of smoking related diseases.

I will take your new found determination and together we will focus on that during an intensive 2 hour stop smoking session and my sole aim being to return you to being a non-smoker. Hypnotherapy is about helping you to stop smoking AND to remain a non-smoker. With 100 % motivation from you and a genuine desire to stop smoking, hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in making you stop and enjoy the benefits of being a non-smoker-it has worked for thousands of others, so why not you?In the therapt sessions, I will addresses not only the process of stopping and remaining stopped but also the fears/ concerns of what happens when you have done so like a/ putting on weight b/ Smoking as a way of helping cope with stress c/ coping with withdrawal symptoms and d/ having enough willpower to remain a non-smoker.
The main benefit of stopping is a boost to your confidence and self-esteem-you will have achieved something difficult, using your own willpower, motivation and determination- I will only act as your coach or cheerleader using proven methods for you to score that goal. Result!
How can I prepare myself to quit?
There are many practical and physical things you can do to help yourself. Firstly, I tell all my clients to not be too hard on yourself- smoking as an addiction that takes hold for many reason. For most of us, addiction (be it smoking, alcohol, gabling, biting our nails etc.) functions as a coping habit, nothing more, nothing less. When we carry the addictive patterns of behaviour long enough then the conscious act of using/ taking the drug is taken over by the subconscious. You have no longer a choice because it has become a wired in , looped pattern at the subconscious level- the act, the compulsion, the feeling and the need has to be satisfied with the drug.
Some top tips to preparing to stop
Remember that smoking is the biggest cause of preventable deaths in England, accounting for more than 80000 deaths each year and that 1 in 2 smokers will die from a smoking-related disease. Do you need any more motivation that that also keeping in mind that if cigarettes were invented tomorrow, they would be banned immediately. Yet, well done you, because you have moved into what psychologists call the “preparation stage” of the quitting process when you actually prepare for the big event-stopping for good. So how can you help yourself?
1/ Check and confirm mentally, that this is the right time to quit…at a time when your life is relatively stable.
2/ Tell people that you know who are supportive and encouraging to help you-any way they can. Ask them to exercise or go outside with you, start walking or running more, if you can.
3/ Get rid of any smoking paraphernalia before your first session to make your home into a non-smoking zone.
4/ Do something that you know will increase your motivation to quit i.e. take a money jar, every time you buy a packet of cigarettes put the same amount into this jar, count it up after a week, month think about how you can spend it on something nice.
5/ Employ and really use a hypnotherapist- we are there to listen and address your hopes and fears around smoking. Make 2021 the year you actually did it and reap the benefits!