I am not going to baffle and bamboozle you with facts about the unconscious mind, regression and the history and success of hypnotherapy etc. although you can read on and find out about any questions you may have. I am qualified, insured and a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (BSCH). I am also a husband, a Dad and a person like you trying to make sense of this world.

Firstly, the very good news is that yes, hypnotherapy does work. And yes, with an open mind and a willingness to change, hypnotherapy can work for you. Skip to my references below to see for yourself with my clients, and, rest assured, I would not be doing this if I did not believe in it.

The issues I have successfully helped people with so far are:

--losing weight                                                  -- stopping smoking

--improving driving confidence                          -- overcoming insomnia & sleepwalking

--gambling addictions                                        --tackling phobias

--stress and anxiety

The one thing we can be crystal clear about is that you will receive only the therapy that you need, that is personalized and based on your needs and wants at this moment. As a small business, I value every client and will not pressure you in to having any treatment that you don’t need but will assess and meet your needs in a targeted way, that is specific to you.

So are you struggling to make changes to your life?

Do you want to stop an addiction?

Lose an unhealthy habit, overcome a phobia, reach your goals and give yourself the opportunity to be the best you can be?  I promise you an open and honest dialogue. A non-judgmental, understanding ear. And help in understanding what's at the core of your issue. Hypnotherapy works.

And that can only start once you reach out.

So contact me today and I can help you overcome fears, break through self-limiting beliefs, change faulty habits and realize your full potential.

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