I sought help from Mark with my driving phobia, after a friend suggested that hypnotherapy may be able to help. In advance of my first session, information about hypnotherapy was provided, as well as a comprehensive consultation form to complete, which was then fully discussed, and formed the basis of the support I received. Due to the ongoing pandemic, each session was conducted remotely via video which was convenient for me and didn't affect the quality of the sessions. Mark made me feel comfortable and at ease during my first experience of hypnosis and was reassuring and encouraging at every stage. I always felt relaxed and in control. Mark also provided advice and resources so that I could practice daily self-hypnosis to enhance the experience of the weekly meetings. After only four sessions, I am now able to drive on roads I have avoided for more than 10 years and will continue to practise techniques learnt to develop my confidence further.



Mark helped me think differently with regards to how and what I eat in only a few sessions. He has a very calm and relaxing manner along with a friendly yet professional approach. I would definitely turn to Mark for further sessions in the future.


Counsellor and safeguarding lead

Mark is a fantastic hypnotherapist. His demeanour and his conduct is professional and warm and he has a great way of making you feel at ease with him. Thanks to Mark and his wonderful way with words (and of course his Irish charm) I am no longer a smoker and cannot thank him enough for helping me to overcome this awful habit with his excellent stop smoking programme. He is fabulous and I cannot recommend him highly enough!! Thank you Mark.


Hair stylist.

I have had trouble with sleepwalking my whole adult life, which led to me walking out of a hotel room in a different country at 4am. I’ve consistently spoken to doctors about it, and they believed it was anxiety related, but nothing ever fixed it. I went through a stage of sleep walking where it was at least twice a week…when I was living where I work! I never thought about getting hypnotherapy, and I'm so glad I did. Mark has helped me to overcome this, the last time I sleepwalked was before I started hypnotherapy. Since this I have proceeded to have hypnotherapy for self-confidence for work, and I can't express how much happier I am that these big issues I've been living with throughout my life have been overcome. He is very calming, lovely and very professional. I strongly recommend treatment with Mark for personal issues that people deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thank you again Mark!


Development chef

At first, I was dubious about having therapy over Zoom for stopping smoking- then I found and got in touch with Mark through his website. We had a consultation, and he took information about how long I had been a smoker and what my dislikes and likes were, personal details etc. I thought that Mark was calm and professional throughout and we did a long session focussing on the reasons why I should quit, and I went into hypnosis quite easily. After this 2-hour session I found that my motivation and reasons for smoking were gone and stopped from then on. It wasn’t easy and I have had the odd slip. You need 100% commitment, but I found that lots of the positive suggestions seemed to just slip into my mind. I would recommend Mark without hesitation if you want help to stop smoking!


Warehouse operative

I asked Mark for support regarding anxiety whilst driving, Mark has been very supportive, friendly, and professional throughout our sessions. I have gained more confidence with my driving, and I look forward to the adventures that await us as a family! Thank you Mark for your support. The techniques are very relaxing indeed.

Amy Lou

Community worker

I was in a bad place before I contacted Mark through his website, and he responded professionally and quickly too- I had a consultation for free at his therapy room in Jackfield which has a very peaceful atmosphere. If you need help you should contact Mark he is amazing really help me with my self-esteem stopping smoking and building my confidence to believe in myself again! A big thank you for giving me the strength to move forward in my life!


Energy consultant

I first started my hypnotherapy journey with Mark 6 months ago because I was a serious gambling addict, which was causing a lot of problems in my life but since I’ve been having hypnotherapy with Mark, my gambling addiction has been cured. Mark hasn't only just helped me with gambling! He has helped me better my whole life in general. Since having my sessions with Mark, he has helped me become more focused and motivated on my finances, my work, my relationship with my family and my health. I also suffer with anxiety and he has helped me with my mental health a lot. I find myself really comfortable in Mark’s company and I can trust him - with everything I tell him, and he will try his best to help me resolve the situation. I still use Mark and his services and hypnotherapy to help me stay motivated in going forward. Mark is a true gentleman and I highly recommend him to anyone who is having any problems and feel like they need help with whatever it is in life! This man can help you with any of your problems/addictions in life as long as you are willing to help yourself.

Luke R

Construction worker

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